Optical see-through Maxwellian near-to-eye display with an enlarged eyebox

3D holographic head mounted display using holographic optical elements with astigmatism aberration compensation

Occlusion handling using angular spectrum convolution in fully analytical mesh based computer generated hologram

Speckle reduction using angular spectrum interleaving for triangular mesh based computer generated hologram

Calculation of reflectance distribution using angular spectrum convolution in mesh-based computer generated hologram

Efficient texture mapping by adaptive mesh division in mesh-based computer generated hologram

Dark line artifact removal in 3D mesh-based Computer Generated Hologram

Continuous shading and its fast update in fully analytic triangular-mesh-based computer generated hologram

Light ray field capture using focal plane sweeping and its optical reconstruction using 3D displays

Dual layered display that presents auto-stereoscopic 3D images to multiple viewers in arbitrary positions

Resolution enhancement of dual-layer 3D display
Enhance the depth range of the multi-layer light field 3D display 
Hologram synthesis of three-dimensional real objects using portable integral imaging camera 
Analysis of image distortion based on light ray field by multi-view and horizontal parallax only integral imaging display 
Depth-selective capture using integral imaging 
Integral imaging 3D display
Binocular Holographic 3D display
Integral imaging 3D microscopy
Holographic 3D microscopy
Holographic camera (Incoherent capture of the 3D holography)
Rectification of the captured elemental images
Depth plane reconstruction with enhanced discrimination using random pattern illumination and integral imaging
Arbitrary view synthesis from single capture using integral imaging